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These planters beige in color and are 8 inches square and measure 6.75 inches deep. They have 5 drain holes.
8" Regular Pot Click Here
They measure 5.5 inches high with 8 drain holes. 3.09 qts They are available in green only. Assorted lot sizes available.
8" Hanging Pots Click Here
They measure 5.75 inches high They have a drain hole in the middle and come with a strainer insert that goes over the hole. The hangers are plastic and easy to snap on.They are available in white and green. Assorted lot sizes available
8" Bulb Pans Click Here
They measure 5 inches high with 4 drain holes. They are available only in green. Assorted lot sizes available.
8" Terra Cotta Plastic Pots Click Here
They measure 6 inches high. Matte finish outside, glossy finish inside. They come with and without saucer. Assorted lot sizes available.
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